Reading serial strings and calling multiple functions.

Hi - I'm new to programming and I'm struggling with serial inputs.

For example, using the sample code provided by Robin2, I can obviously write and print arrays all day long however, inut a string such as:

"Some text here for a particular function "

How might I go about reading the serial info, separating the regular text at the start from the data for the array, and then calling the two seperate funtions as a result?

Note: I need to be able to deal with all three of the following string examples:

"Some Data"
"Some Data"

So the system nees to make a call on whether its seeing some data that I reference in one function, the data for the array, or both.


You are asking how to manipulate strings in C. Here is a good reference:

C String Functions

Most of what you are asking is in the Arduino Cookbook and if I remember correctly so are some examples.

My SafeString library provides a rich set of safe string manipulation functions.
The SafeStringReader provides a way to read and tokenize the input based on specified delimiters
but it looks like you need a state machine to keep track of where you are in the parsing when you split the input across two lines.

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