realization of a pv system with p & o algorithm mppt command

hi there ,
i have a project << realization of a pv system with p & o algorithm mppt command >>

in realization i have a boost converter with pin 9 ;

current sensor with pin = A0 , we chose ACS712ELCTR-30A

current voltage with pin = A1 ; we have a voltage divider ;

the idea we change a current value and set the voltage value ( fix )
pv value 20V ;

problem : in the result in boost it stay fix always 19.2 , the objective is when we change the current the output value changes

we have the algorithm must transform into arduino language

i realized an ISIS simulation and i trouble in arduino code , please if you can help me to resolve my problem.

NOTICE : schema in Isis Proteuse :

test1.0.ino (1.39 KB)

algorithm p_and_o.PNG

please if someone have any idea of problem ,post it

Please read "How to use this forum".

Do you know that there is a French forum section?

I do not understand the abbreviations in the subject line, what you want to accomplish at all.

Search the forum or web for similar projects.

I think you would get more response if you posted your schematic here and not at some off site. Try reading the how to use this forum sticky post for tips onto how to ask a question.

I have had over 50 years in electronics but I have no idea what you are talking about, I suspect your target audience is very small. So maybe some links as to what you want. From my point of view your post is incomprehensible.
Also there is no such thing as the Arduino language, it is just C/C++.
Sorry to sound so negitave but you are not making things easy for us.

It has only been 17 hours, over a weekend and a holiday one at that, so leave it a bit longer and someone who knows what you are talking about might wander past.

It’s a solar panel maximum power controller. Already been done a jazillion times.

Probably a homework assignment :frowning: