Recommend a cheap hall effect transducer for benchtop DMM?

I can hardly afford a fancy clamp probe () right now so I'm looking for alternatives. I need to measure ~2A DC from a motor on my benchtop Keithley 2001 DMM which has a max DCI of 2A so I don't want to push my luck on it.

I'm wondering if anyone has a good idea for a cheap hall effect transducer benchtop DMM ?
Low amperage would be nice, so I can get a good mV per Amp output ratio to make things easy and resolute.

I'm trying to accurately measure current consumption of a lab instrument, and the differences in consumption of the motor I'm looking for are in the 10mA range. I've had a PITA time measuring it via Arduino (with and without 16-bit ADC) and found the ACS712 works pretty well.
I also found my Klein DMM w/ DC RMS Clamp-on works great, though I can't AFAIK hook it up to an Arduino and log from it. Thus, I am going to hook a benchtop DMM up to Arduino via RS232 and log that way.

I have three handheld DMMs and all of them feature a 20 amp AC/DC current measurement input jack. In the few tests I've made, that range seems to be as accurate as any other function on the meter.

I have a number of handheld DMMs but none of them have the reading output accomodation I'd be looking for to log my data.

In other news I did find a "cheap" clamp I'm considering. I like the 1mV/10mADC switch feature: