Reconfigure GPS Module.


Has anybody reconfigured (any) GPS Module to refresh at 60sec interval?


Have a set up that Logs every 1Hz to a Openlog (sd card) but it creates large files.

Used the NZ Haze gps module and the Openlog module with no software changes ie "Out of Box"


So just send the logging output to the serial monitor (and OpenLog) once every 60 seconds.

Thanks for the feed back.

ps Its a portable device see image!

Which Arduino are you using ?

This module Datasheet · sparkfun/OpenLog Wiki · GitHub, using ATmega328 running at 16MHz,
and the preloaded Openlog software.

Works very well a 1Hz.

Wish to reconfig the GPS to refresh every 60 sec leaving the Openlog software as is.



Sorry I thought you were actually using an Arduino between the GPS and the logger, as this is the Arduino forum.

Dont know of a GPS that you can 'configure' to refresh like that, use an Arduino perhaps.

The OpenLog software is open. You can edit it in the Arduino IDE to make any change you like.

Most GPSs use 1Hz as their slowest speed.

Set up the GPS to not output anything. Query it when you want a position report.

Do you have a link to “NZ Haze gps module”?

Hi All,

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Have looked at the code 2200 lines

See here GitHub - magnuskarlsson/SDLogger: Open Hardware Data Logger

Very complex for my skills:).

Other option (From Ublox portal)

Use Ucentre

On the message level (UBX-CFG-MSG) you can set the periodicity to 60 while having a 1 Hz rate internally.
Or change the rate to 60000 ms in UBX-CFG-RATE
Still going to be 15-20 ms in the tracking loop, would be my guess


Hello Peter.

I've just experimented with u-center & a u-blox neo 6m board and found I can set the update rate to 60000 ms.

I used Configuration View > RATE and changed the Measurement Period. making it 60000 ms produces sentences every 60 seconds.

You could also turn off any messages you do not want recorded.

If your module has an on-board battery then the setting should be retained.


Hi John,

Will have to fire up my Windows pc and have a go.


If your module has an on-board battery then the setting should be retained.

If its a small lithium battery such as the typically used Seiko MS621, they go flat in 2-3weeks.

To retain the programmed settings you really need a GPS module with an EEPROM fitted.


Flat battery for me...

Have a couple of modules, they previously displayed time at startup, now time shows when first sat is received.