Recursive video

I am unsure how to even begin this project...
Here goes. I'm looking to create a video device that simultaneously records and plays video. A projector projects an image onto a wall, while a video camera records it. This lasts for roughly 30 seconds. We'll call the first recording wall1. The projector then projects wall1, while the video camera records it. This next one is wall2. The projector projects wall2 while the camera records for wall3, etc, etc.

I am unsure where to even start looking for code on this, or what hardware (other than projector and camera) I will need. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks, ahead of time.

If you don't synch the projector and recorder then you probably won't like the result.
And try this:
Point a webcam at your computer screen while it displays the picture from the webcam.

I’m unsure how this relates to Arduino.

You would need:

  • A PC or laptop with a projector attached.
  • A webcam.
  • One of the many free video capture libraries to enable you to start/end recording programatically.
  • An application to turn the recording and replay on and off according to your algorithm. Implement in whatever language you find easiest - I think JScript would be a good choice.

I don't see Arduino having any role in that solution.

It wouldn't be a complicated device for the arduino, granted, but I'm unsure of how to start. I guess the role of the arduino would be automation. I would need the arduino perform three functions, I suppose. Record input (camera), store that input for a "round" (some kind of external), and play the previous "round"(projector), all at the same time. Maybe these aren't functions that the arduino is designed to manage...

It wouldn't be a complicated device for the arduino,

As others have pointed out, it isn't any kind of device for an Arduino.

So you need an Arduino to push buttons or perhaps serial control 2 video cameras with common synch?