Reduce the amplitude of analog signal from 10 Vp-p to 3 Vp-p

I'm looking for a solution to reduce the amplitude of an analog signal from 10 Vp-p to 3 Vp-p

Can somebody help with any schematics or logic that can be used to do so?

The input signal is an audio signal of 10 Vp-p that should be made to the level of 3 Vp-p, which will be given to ADC.

Thanks in advance

Regards !

I don't know what "Vp-p" means but usually a simple voltage divider (two resistors) should do the job.

Vp-p is short for peak to peak voltage (as opposed to Vrms, which would be 0.35 as large for a sine wave). He might need to level shift it to fit into the Arduino’s ADC range, which is all positive, I think.

If the analog signal is AC, then in addition to reducing the amplitude, you need to offset it to 1/2 the Arduino supply voltage (or 1/2 the ADC reference voltage) for input to the ADC.

A circuit like this will work, but to select C1, you need to tell us the frequency range of the analog signal.