Relay for a 25W light bulb

Hi guys i want to digitalize my lightbulb using a Arduino. But my lightbulb uses 25W on the 230V net meaning it would use 24V. I want to use a relay, but most small relays i can find are maxed at 24v, meaning it would be a shortcall and according to other people you always want some space. It will also use 1 ampere.
What relay should i get ? and can you power the relay with the 5V from the arduino or does the relay need a 24v supply (or higher if the relay is higher) ?

There are tons of relays that can switch 1A at 230V

WARNING: 220V line current is quite deadly. You should not have any live 220V circuits where anyone can touch them.

25 Watts / 230 Volts = 0.11 Amps. I don’t know where you got 24V.

Most 5V relay modules have contacts rated for 10A@240V so any of them would be fine for your bulb. If you get a 5V relay module you can power it from the same 5V supply that powers the Arduino.

Can you clarify what this means - on the surface its a trivially false statement.

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