relay not switching on and off

i have purchased a relay HiLetgo 2pcs DC 12V 2 Channel Relay Module With Isolated Optocoupler High and Low Level H/L Level Trigger Module for Arduino : DIY & Tools
and once ive wired it up the led flashes to show it should be on or off but doesn't actually power it on. what wires should be in relay ant which should be attached from the motor and power supply side is it black or red? other equipment i am using 12 volt pump also have a powersupply for it all works when is with out relay
getting quite annoyed

getting quite annoyed

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sorry how do i change it

sorry how do i change it

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the relay module requires 12VDC on the power input pins.
this is a separate power supply just for the relays.

the relay module has a place for each of your input pins.
you did not mention which pins you are using or what board you are using, or what voltage the board is.
assuming you have a 5 volt board, like and UNO or NANO. that should be good.

without a data sheet, I ASSUME that the 5v board ground gets tied to your power supply ground.
The jumpers on the left are to pick if a 5volt will turn on the relay, or if a 5 volt signal will turn off the relay.

what is not known is if the board has dropping resistors. put a 330 ohm between your output pin and the input pin on the relay to see if it will work.