Relay with inductive load

Hello, i have an automatic water pump controller this one :
IT max power is 1.1kw and i'm on 220-240v so max current should be around 5A but for some reason, it's also written that it's max 10A, maybe cause it's an inductive load idk.

I want to use the common SRD 05VDC SL C relay rated for 10A 250V, but my appliance being an inductive appliance, i'm a bit scared!


EDIT : using the relay to launch and stop the water pump controller, maybe twice a day

To start the motor, to get it over that moment of inertia, it may take a kick. A kick of current. Thus the want for 10A by the pump controller.

I'd not use a max rated 10A relay; 15A or 20A

Do a search on the words "5v 20 amp relay module".

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These are not the best quality relays for your application.

A Potter and Brumfield relay would be a better choice.

Also, contact conditioning will be needed.

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That sounds good and logical!

Thanks for your help!

Thank you for your reply.

What do you mean by contact conditioning?



Snubber circuit, MOV/Resistor/Capacitor.

An SSR is another option.

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