Require help with LCD CFAX

Hello I've dug out an old lcd breakout kit I got back in high school
(don't know what the hell I was thinking)
any how I have pulled up all the info I can find on this product and I
don't even know where to start with the wiring mainly because the
data sheet is a little intimidating.

This is the following links I have found related to it

Built-in controller: Samsung KS0713 datasheet

here is the product

Mentioned that is has an On-board HV826MG-G to drive EL backlight

I'm running a iduino but also have a uno if I need to switch out for it

All I would like to do is just get the demo working to learn and play with it
and like I mentioned before I don't know where to even start with this
any direction would be appreciated.

potential lcd code to use if example code wont cut it?

quick edit:
I do know how to use the 4 pins for the touch screen on it.