Resetting a SIM800 module with Arduino

I was wondering if anyone has managed to reset a SIM800 with an Arduino. I am having issues with the SIM800 losing the network carrier from time to time and when it becomes available again the modem does not reconnect automatically. In only reconnects when I cycle power. In order to resolve this I would like to reset the Modem only. So I have been looking at reset AT commands such as "AT+CFUN=1,1" but this has not worked. Do I need to apply +3v to the RST pin of the SIM800 in order for the AT command to be successful ?
Any help greatly appreciated.

To check network status you can use AT+CREG? command.

And, You can use command like AT+CFUN=0 and then AT+CFUN=1 to put module in flight mode and again back to normal mode. This would simulate a network reboot.

Reference: How to Restart SIM800L module when there is no signal - SIM800L - Embedded Advice Forum