RESOLVED What is "VSB" on a power supply?

Hi gang,

The pic shows the label on a desktop pc power supply… I understand the DC outputs like 3.3, 5 (circled red) and 12V, but I’ve never noticed the +5VSB (circled purple) before.

Please can someone enlighten me as to what that is?



power supply label.JPG

I believe the "+5V" part means the same as it does elsewhere. The "SB" part probably stands for "Stand-By" which would mean a 5V supply that is on even when the rest of the power supply is off. It's used to maintain memory or power the power switch.

Yep I got the +5V part too John :slight_smile:

But thanks, Stand By makes sense.

power the power switch.

Gotta love that idea.... sorry, can't switch the power on cos there's no power to power the switch.

Well its used for wake-on-LAN etc, not just the power switch. Some machines have permanently powered USB sockets
too IIRC.

Confirmed from various Instructables like this one that the purple "SB" is indeed StandBy.