[RESOLVED] Who can help me for a JSON file on SPIFFS ?

Hello,I have the esp8266 Nodemcu v3.
I want to save some integer variable in a JSON file and load them on the setup.
I download the json library, there is an exemple with an SD card, but I don't know how convert it to save and load data.

The exemple code

For exemple if I have :

int variable1 = analogRead(A0);
int variable2 = analogRead(A1);
int variable3 = analogRead(A2);
int variable4 = analogRead(A3);

I want save them in a JSON file on the SPIFFS and load them in the setup().

Who Can Help, tell me what code I need to change, add to do that ?

I find another exemple code, I change it for my variable
It's working.