Retentive bit power on off output state stable

I am new to arduino i want to know how to stand by any output state so that during power cut then power on so output state will not reset it will be same as before power off.
What need to do for this.
Every time bit on during power on so this will move my motor to another position any time.

You could save the output state to EEPROM then read it on restoration of power, but there are limits as to how often you can safely write to EEPROM

How often will the output state change and how often will the Arduino be powered down ?

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What UKHeliBob states is correct and without more information the question cannot be accurately answered for EEPROM There is also another memory shield you can use, it is called FRAM. It will support unlimited reads and writes and remembers when the power goes out. It can be written much faster then EEPROM.

How to use EEPROM in NodeMCU


Any hardware need or not, i have only Node mcu, and how use this eeprom with blynk app

Have you looked at the examples ?

You have not answered previous questions

Not fix any time arduino power down around 2 times in a day

Every time power on used outputs power on even previous condition is off state

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