RFID project with a nano temperature sensor


I'm undertaking a new project and I appreciate your help greatly as I lack knowledge with RFIDs...

I have a nano-scale "temperature" sensor (film) that sends a DC signal of it's current temperature... I would like to utilize RFID to send such signals to a computer.. below some requirements:

  1. on the sensor side, only a RFID tag should store the current temperature and send its value when in range with a reader. minimal circuitry at this end is a mandatory..

  2. an arduino hooked up to a reader periodically could scan for the temperature and stores it to a memory...

  3. it has to be long range (1-3 meters)

the biggest challenge is to minimize circuitry at the sensor side..


No your biggest challenge is the range.
You will not be able to do this with a conventional tag. You will have to in effect build an active tag, that is one that is powered. It will need to contain a processor of some sorts.

thanks mike!

any advice on what products might fit my specs?

No it is a build it yourself job. Sorry.

I have a nano-scale "temperature" sensor (film)

  1. it has to be long range (1-3 meters)

These two statements are hard to reconcile.

Why does the reader need to be so far away? Never heard of wire?

I not fully up with the latest RFID.
But how are you going to get the temp sensor to input to the RFID and get the RFID to transmit this info?
I don't see any input terminals on a shop security tag or my eftpos wavy thingy card, let alone a battery to run it.

Tom...... :slight_smile:
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I needed a suggestion from the RFID experts out there. all I have as of now a DC signal coming out of my temp sensor… after that point, all is open for innovation :slight_smile:

let’s start with the question? is there any RFID tag that I can write sensor readings to that’s compatible with Arduino. let’s ignore the range for now…

Basically to write data to an RFID tag you need an Arduino system. So I can't see the point of doing so unless you then need to transfere it to another system. You might be better off using an SD card with built in Wi-Fi.
I assume that to get the DC out of your sensor you have to have some sort of power that you put in.

Just googled it



the supplied link is for off-the-shelf temperature unit. I want to use my sensors and use RFID for the data transfer only.


the supplied link is for off-the-shelf temerature unit. I want to use my sensors and use RFID for the data transfer only.

I googled this for you again and found