RFID simply door lock


I'm looking for a simple skatch to switch a relay using a RFID reader. Unfortunately I have so far found nothing suitable and programming was a fail ... I own this RFID Reader:

Seeking a code without any MasterCard add and delete . I would also enter the tags manually. The code should simply run a digitalWrite after scanning the "right" tag to switch a relay. Does anyone know of such a code?

I hope you can help me. My english is´nt the best because i´m from Germany.

Mfg maddig

I have some simple code for this, but it depends on the rest of your hardware. I use a mega with a w5100 ethernet/sd card. I would recommend that what ever arduino you pick the SD card is a must. A lot of people hardcode the RFID tag number into their program and I have found based on the 100 pack of rfid tags I bought that I have probably had 10 fail over the past year. Granted I used a cheap rfid reader and the 100 pack i think was $25, so the costs wasn't to bad.

instead of hard coding the rfid tags that are allowed access. I store them as files on the sd card. by doing this, you can create log files, give certain tags more permissions then others. ie Unlock the door for 15 seconds versus keep the door unlocked.

if you want to keep it on the card a quick google will find tons of examples.

Thanks for the reply. I think this method is almost back too complicated. But if I have understood correctly you need a SD card for saving the allowed tags ? Is not there another way? There is a maximum of 6 tags.

Is not there another way?

Yes you can store RFID tags in EEPROM so no need for any extra SD cards.

This project has all the elements you are looking for but you might have trouble untangling it from the rest of the project:-
The code is downloadable from that page.