RFW69HW not transmiting to Pro Micro

Hi, I has been recommended to me to connect a RFW69HW to a Pro Micro for model satellite project. We have sensors working and code for a RFW69HW but the code does not work together. I cannot find anything on the internet about this combination, I am an amateur and I'm 'supporting' a group of 16-17 year olds so any help would be most welcome.

Define "does not work together". What is happening?

Hi, I have a gyro and BMP120 working and I've connected the RFM69HW to the NSS, MOSI, MISO and NCC pin outs. I have attempted to put the code together and set up the sensors as a node with a usb power source and another pro micro connected to my laptop with an identical RFM69HW with code to receive but not transmission is occurring.

There are example programs showing how to implement basic communication from one micro to another using a pair of RFM69HW modules.

Get that working and make sure you understand it, before you try adding any sensors.

Ok, I've kind of tried that but I don't know where to put the code in the communication code, even just 'hello world'. I'll try again but if you have any links to show me how to do basic communication that would be very helpful as everything out there is vague, I'm used to just changing serial.print to serial1print to send the data to a wireless module and the module does the rest, is this normal?

Ok, I’ve kind of tried that

What, exactly, have you tried? Post links and the code you are using, with code tags ("</>" button).