Robot Arm Power Supply

I recently got a Diymore ROT3U 6DOF robot arm

which runs 6 servos MG996 servos

I am wondering how to power all of the servos given they are high torque and rated at 2.5A each. I looked at a laptop dc power supply that will supply 12v @ 6A and then stepping this down some how but I'm wondering if there is a smarter way to connect everything.

Option 1: Multiple 6v 3A UBECs attached to the supply (i still dont know how to connect them to the dc laptop supply)

Option 2: Servo controller?

What is the normal way of powering all the servos on a robot arm since i've not found a lot of good information on the internet about this.

thanks in advance

So i think i have found the right solution for this. I have bought a 5v 10A wall powerpack and some dc adapter pigtails so i can feed them into a PCA9685 servo controller.

This solves both the amps issue related to having a lot of servos and also the issue of routing power to them all. I don't know if its going to work but it feels like a better solution to what i was originally planning.

I was wondering how hexpods work with their 18 servos so servo controllers make sense as a solution.

Also if anyone is reading this and didn't know i was trying to use a UBEC wrong and the reason for using one is if you have say a 12v battery for an RC car for the motors and want 5v just for the control logic. The UBEC is simply a step down converter that means you don't need a second battery for the receiver.