Rotary encoder installation

Hi All,

I got this rotary encoder and was wondering how I should connect it to my Arduino.

It has 4 wires, +, -, 01 and 02.

I tried to find information from the manufacturer, but not luck.

Any info helps.

Do you have a part number? web link?

I would suspect it works like this

I got it from here:

But it is the same as these two other links:

I was looking for something that shows if I need to put resistors in the circuit or a diagram.


So I connected it like this:

  • 5V

  • GND
    01 > 02 (INPUT)
    02 > 03 (INPUT)

I am getting the reading fine (besides the fact that I didn’t find the correct angle for this disc to work properly yet). However, I am concerned that I should add resistors somewhere in the circuit to protect the encoder and the board.

Should I really worry about it?

Thank you