RPLIDAR A2 robopeak / slamtec LIDAR distance sensor serial print

This is my first post on any forum...

Looking to find a working serial print code for my RPLIDAR A2 from Slamtech who is I think who took over robopeak. It will be connected to an Arduino mega through a logic level converter and has to be isolated because it is only rated for 3.3 volts on the rx/tx. I have yet to find anywhere where someone has done this successfully. The RPLIDAR is $300.00 :money_mouth_face: and am afraid of burning it up. Just need it to stream distance and angles. It will eventually help to navigate my gas powered robot lawn mower. I have attached a picture of the wiring diagram.


First Arduino July 2012.

Interesting project. The drawing indicates this is definitely not your first project. Not having all the details here are a few observations. With a 24V battery system at these currents you need to protect your electronics from load dump. Per your drawing it is not a protected alternator so I would suggest you expect transients in the 80V or higher range. Maxim APPLICATION NOTE 7084 would be a good place to start, to understand it. In the automotive world A load dump transient can destroy all the unprotected electronic devices. Also consider reverse battery protection. Not knowing all of the loads etc I would suggest you use a robust Buck converter to get your 12V. Then use two more buck regulators to get your 5V and 3.3V. These operate in the 90+% range and you will not be creating watts of heat. Once you get through the above you will have answered some of your questions but will have a lot more. I have conficance you will succeed with this, just take your time and save $300.00 many times.

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