RPM Meter

Hi - i am trying to create a rpm meter for a wheel that links to a computer and passes the value to another program that i am created to control the speed of an audio track. I have got the audio program working fine but am struggling at getting the arduino to interface. Has anyone done anything similar or know of someone that has. it is a basic principle of using a reed switch to pulse on the input board.

Any ideas



Post your code - it could be as simple as contact bounce. If you're using a reed, you may as well use a Hall-effect sensor, which will be mostly bounce-free.

Hi, using any sort of switch for input requires defining a definate high and low, you would usually connect one side of the read switch to ground and the other to the input pin, connect 10kohn resistor between 5v and input pin, while the pin is pulled high by the resistor it is at definate high 5v, when the read switch closes it pulls the input pin to definate low and theres you trigger. but why do you want to use a read switch? may i surgest a phototransistor, the read switch has moving parts and may create "Bounce" False triggers

What kind of wheel are you monitoring, anyhow? Is it a small robot, a remote controlled car, or a full size automobile (or something else entirely)? This may matter for solution selection...

Hi Guys - am at work at the moment so havent got the code to hand. It is pretty similar to the other guy that made the rpm meter on here.

went for reed switch basically as it was the first thing i came to in the maplin catalogue - i hadnt considered the bounce on the sensor so have ordered a hall effect sensor. The wheel that it will be attached to is an excercise bike.

Will post the code when i get to my own laptop

If anyone is local to the midlands and thinks they may be able to help as find this sort of thing better to do in person send me a PM and we could meet?