Save program to board

I created a program. I need to save it to board and run it automatically without connecting to computer. how do I do that?

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Once a program is uploaded to a Arduino board it remains in flash memory and will run without needing to be plugged into a PC. You just need to figure out how you will provide power for the board via the external power connector. Does that answer your question?


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I need to save it to board

Click the Upload button in the IDE.

and run it automatically without connecting to computer.

So? What's the problem? As Nike says, "Just do it!".

After compiling (button 1) the application you can press the upload button in the IDE (arrow right - button 6)

You need a powersupply connected to the Arduino 7-12V to have it run standalone. Be aware that there is one pin that will have the Vin voltage. Do not assume all pins are 5 Volt - it costs me a display :( ==>

That's about it,

I got compass sensing porgram. When I upload connecting to computer, it reports some data to console. How do I run this program without computer i.e. automatically and the values coming out as output to be saved to board.

Maybe you could attach a couple of servos that hold a pen, and have it write the numbers on a piece of paper.

Probably quicker, though, to get an SD card writer and SD card to write the data to. Then, just move the SD card to the PC and copy the data.

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For EEPROM check -

If you are a newbie please take time to go through the tutorials on -

Please help. Urgent.

Homework’s due tomorrow, and you’ve been putting it off, huh?

 delay(10);               // datasheet suggests at least 6000 microseconds

So, you figure 10 is enough, huh?

   reading = Wire.receive();   // receive high byte (overwrites previous reading)
   reading = reading << 8;     // shift high byte to be high 8 bits
   reading += Wire.receive();  // receive low byte as lower 8 bits
   reading /= 10;
   //Serial.println(reading);    // print the reading
val = analogRead(reading) / 4;

You’re getting a pin number to read from from the compass? That makes no sense.

You are writing garbage to EEPROM about once a second. What is the purpose of that? You’ll need another sketch to read the data from EEPROM. Without know what order the data was written, or when, what good is the data in the EEPROM? What does that sketch look like?