Schematic for 4 channel 16 bit resolution ADC

Dear all

I have analog sensor which uses 0-10V dc output, I wanted to use this kind of board in my application.

i have totally 4 sensor, resolution required is 16 bit. Can some one guideme where i can get schmatic so i can impliment in my project.

The Adafruit ADS1115 module is inexpensive, very convenient and works very well.

You will need 2:1 voltage dividers to bring the sensor outputs down to < 6V for input to the ADC.

Since the ADS1115 is an absolute ADC with its own voltage reference, with ratiometric sensors you will also need to measure the voltage of the sensor power supply and form the ratios in the code.

What sensor? It is unlikely that you will get 16 bits of resolution from the sensor. That is an error of 1 part in 65536. Like a thousandth of one percent.

The ADS1115 is 16-bit only in differential mode, as it is a signed value. Single ended it’s 15-bit.

You also have to bring down the voltage to <Vcc. The highest reference is indeed 6.something but you can’t measure voltage higher than Vcc, usually 5V. Better use the 4.096V 1x reference, and bring down the voltage to 0-4V.

It’s indeed an absolute reference, which sounds good assuming that 0-10V output is also an absolute output, not a ratiometric output.