Screwless Terminal Block connection - how to connect wire

There is a Screwless Terminal Block on a PCB. Actual part is TE Connectivity 2834085-2.
(see attached file for the drawing)

I have been trying to figure out the proper way to insert wire(s) onto this connector and where to push (or poke) for connecting and dis-connecting wires to this. (and which holes are for the wires and which are for the sharp tool to push into)

Seems trivial but just can’t figure out.

Anyone able to point me to some “instruction sheets” or Youtube video on this?

AMP_TE_ScrewlessTermBlk_2834085_Draw___2068403.pdf (118 KB)

Doesn't one of the faces have tiny piano key thingies which you jab with a tiny screwdriver and that opens a flap on the other face?

I was thinking along those lines; but nothing like that seems to be happening when I try to “poke” into any of the three openings.

(Maybe I am not doing it right)

(Maybe I am not doing it right)

... as the Bishop said to the Actress :wink:

There should be a small hole above the spring plate. Insert small bladed screwdriver, press down : this will open an aperture in the end of the spring through which you insert your wire. When you release the spring it will then grip the wire.