Sdfat.h mistery

I have facing a strange error during IDE 1.8.13 compilataion:

...AppData\Local\Temp\arduino_build_564750\sketch\src\SdFat-master\extras\SdFatTestSuite\SdFatTestSuite.cpp:25:28: fatal error: SdFatTestSuite.h: No such file or directory

I do not know why that SdFatTestSuite is being compiled since my sketch include only the sdfat.h. But the mistery is that even when I exclude the subdiretory Sdfat-master\extras\SdFatTestSuite, the error still being issued ....

Thanks for any advice. Antonio

I do not see any SdFatTestSuite in my SDFat library folder. There are multiple SDFat libraries out there. A link to the one you are using? Did you use the Library Manager to install it?

blh64, you are right. I installed the greiman/sdfat using the library manager and the error has gone !!! thanks a lot

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