Semtech SX1278 module DRF1278F - FSK mode


I’m be starting with module DRF1278F based on chip Semtech SX1278. I tried the connection in LoRa mode using libraries like RadioHead and there was all ok. But I’d like to make the connection in FSK mode with simple code using default settings of the chip with small needful changes. I write some simple sketches for Tx and Rx in FSK mode but they aren’t working. I searched on forums and read datasheet for SX1278, but I didn’t find out where I made mistake. I kindly ask for a advice how to modify or supplement my code.
I’m also planning to implement Idle mode (sleep + RC). So I would welcome any help.


FSK_Rx.ino (9.75 KB)

FSK_Tx.ino (9.36 KB)

Stuart Robinson has a lot of very useful information on these modules, plus his own library, at

Thanks jremington for your reply. I read site you sent me. All code and devices at site use LoRa mode but I need FSK mode. The register mapping depends upon whether FSK or LoRa mode has been selected. I found some useful info but I didn't still resolve my problem.

Then you will need to study the data sheet very carefully.

Thanks for a valuable advice. The code is now working.

Dear, Can you share the working Code ?

Kamerat could you be so kind to share your corrected code? Thx

HELP!!! - Is there anybody in this forum who has got a working Arduino code for the FSK mode of the SX1278 chip? - I´m searching the Internet since weeks but can´t find anything useful. Please HELP!!!.

I made some changes to Kamarat’s codes. I suppose these should work.

FSK_Rx.ino (8.95 KB)

FSK_Tx.ino (8.68 KB)