Send analog value via Arduino nano BLE 33

Hello All,

I want to use arduino nano BLE 33 to read analog value from sensor and send it via Bluetooth to Android application.
So can anyone help?

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Post what you have done so far, what you are trying to do can be accomplished. I vaguely remember something in this forum about that about a year or so back. Sorry I do not remember the details.

Welcome to the forum.

Can you please be a bit more specific? Tell us about your project, your hardware ( add a link to non-Arduino components datasheets e.g., your sensor), your skill level and what are your specific issues and questions.

Did you play with the examples that come with the ArduinoBLE library? The following example does exactly what you ask even if the name may not say that exactly.

File -> Examples -> ArduinoBLE -> Peripheral -> Battery Monitor

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