send data to GSM using a web interface

Hello everyone,

I would like to know if it's possible to send data to my GSM shield (SIM800h) using a web interface.

I ofen see examples about how to send data to a web interface in various examples on the web, but I didn't find any example about how to send data from a web interface to a GSM shield.

My goal is not really to control the GSM, rather giving it some commands intended to other componants like a BLE shield using the serial bus.

I don't really know if it's possible..

Thank you !

The first thing that came to my mind is SIM800 working with MQTT to accomplish that ...


Well... I didn't get a single word of this library x)
What is this ? How i'm supposed to use this ?

It's like bizarre new stuff :slight_smile:

It's like bizarre new stuff :slight_smile:

It's a great telemetry protocol develop by IBM and is open source now.You should spend some time discovering it because it will blow your mind when you understand it and see the possibilities it can give you in the IoT world.

I'll seriously consider it !
Do you really think it will allow me to control all other componants via the serial bus ?
Just by sending stuff to my GSM via Internet ?
Because I see a lot of posts about GSM as publisher and user as subscriber but not GSM as subscriber... I'm not even sure if it will be possible so if you have any idea i'll listen :stuck_out_tongue:

Hm powerfull bizarre new stuff anyway.

MQTT will allow you to publish messages from a MQTT broker (the server - could be node-red, mosquitto … ) to any device in the world (your SIM800 with a gprs connection) that subscribes and act when a new message arrive in a specific topic.The idea is your SIM800 act like a Internet bridge and your device implements the mqtt client.
When you send a message from the server your client will call a callback function where inside you can do anything you want from the other side of the globe if you want.
See this: