Send SMS to phone project

so I'm creating a project where I will be monitoring how many people enter and exit a room, and at the end of the day will send a message to a phone stating how many people altogether. I also need an LDR to make this project is a requirement.

I want to use the ARDUINO MKR GSM 1400 board because I need it to connect to a 4G network.

To send messages I got the SIM900 based GSM Shield

if there is a simpler way to do this exact project please help. the thing that hinders my work is the network connectivity(which needs to be 4G).

thank you!

The board you have quoted, ARDUINO MKR GSM 1400, is a GSM only board. It doesnt have 4G capability. 4G boards for Arduino are fairly rare and quite expensive. Why must you connect to a 4G network?

the area that im in uses a 4G+ network.

But if you can send the text via GSM..... what else is needed and why?

I have a SIM900 shield.. (SEEED Studios I believe)..

It was pretty simple to get it up and running to test it. (I pulled my cell phone SIM card out and used it in there for quick prototyping, never did find a nice, cheap dedicated service/SIM card for projects)