Sensirion Differential Pressure Sensor SDP600 and Arduino M0 PRO

Hello.I have a problem for my experiment.
I’m now trying to establish the I2C communication between Arduino M0 PRO and the Sensirion difference pressure sensor SDP600. But it does not go well. I searched it in this forum before with “Arduino, sdp600”.

And I found corresponded thread. I made a program referring to the sketch written to the thread. I use the Arduino library and header file of the sensor. I could compile the sketch, but there was no indication to the serial board.

Therefore I tried program (I2C Scanner) to confirm I2C address. But comment such as “Unknown error at address 0x” and “No I2C devices found\n” is displayed. I thought the written program called I2C Scanner is supports only Arduino UNO. So I change sketch part about pin number. But I do not know whether it is right.

This is the first time that I use a microcomputer and a program. Please help me for changing some of the codes to make the Pressure sensor I2C working.

I2C_Scanner.ino (1.43 KB)

master_writer_SDP6xx.ino (176 Bytes)

SDP6xx.h (2.88 KB)

Do you have an Arduino Uno ? To test the I2C communication with the sensor. Are you using the Arduino IDE from ? This is

If you look at the product page : there is a link to a forum. On the forum there is also someone with I2C trouble.

For Koepel
Thank you to replay this question.
At first I read the page that you introduced.
Still I ask a question again when I do not get along well.

I don't know why it is not working. My best advice is to buy an Arduino Uno to test the sensor, and then try the M0.