Sensor for bubbling fluids (e.g. water) on vessel

Hi folks!

I've been trying several approaches and sensors for the following issue:
I'd like to get information about the severity of the bubbling of a vessel. For example boiling water or making bubbles in a glas of milk with a drinking straw.
I'd like to have the sensor on the outside of the vessel, so that I get the information of the swinging or vibration of the vessel.

I already tried the following sensors:

  • SW-420
  • LDT0-028K aka SEN0209
  • DFR0027
  • Phidget 1104

Unfortunately those sensors were not able to register this low vibrations...

Are there other possibilites? Or am I even on the right way?

Thanks for any ideas! :slight_smile:

Have you tried an acceleration sensor? Today's sensors offer a 16bit resolution in a 2g range so you should be able to detect everything down to 0.1mg. I don't know how much vibration that bubbling produces but I guess you should be able to detect it.

An acceleration sensor is indeed a possible way to go. I'll try that. Can you give me an advice which sensor is good to go? Do you have made experience with one or two recommendable ones?

Accelerometer is the best option here and there are many different types of accelerometers available.

I have worked on ADXL345, its a 3 axis accelerometer, works on I2C Protocol and you can easily interface it with Arduino.

Other accelerometers are ADXL377 and ADXL355. Check them out as well.

Perfect, thanks a lot! I'll check them out!