Sensor in a remote location

Hi, I'm very new to Arduino ! .

I'm hoping to build a remote water tank level meter with Ultrasonic sensors to detect water tank level measurements. my problem is the distance between tank(ultrasonic sensor) and the monitor (Arduino display) is around 30ft. how to tackle the distance issue?

help is much appreciated !!


Let's start with the basics. Is power available at the remote location ?


OK, that is good news

Over that distance you should be able to use NRF24 radio modules as long as there is a fairly clear path between the two ends. Using the higher powered versions would help, as would using directional aerials

What sort of environment will the system be used in ?

Thank you for the prompt reply !

the thing is , the the tank is about 30ft from the ground floor (where the display unit is planned). as there is obstructions in the way( concrete slabs and brick work) the RF method will not be suitable for this. i was thinking of Network connection (if that is a possibility)

If you can run a cable , then don’t rule out a simple system with say a few wires ( as you might find in a cat 5 cable) sending a coded level ( eg binary) signal . Even simpler if you just want to know if the tank is full or empty.

I'm thinking of adding flow sensors to the output of the tank and pressure sensors to the output of a pressure pump near the tank as well in future! so a simple system with few wires will not be suitable for this project. NRF24 using highpowered version will be suitable ( i guess) how do i proceed with that and if there is a network solution (using Cat6) pls let me know


Lower frequency wireless, such as the 433MHz HC12 modules, would probably have no trouble penetrating the concrete floors.


If you can get a network cable cable between the two then that would almost certainly be the best solution.

Implement a Web server at the tanks that collects data and servesit to a client anywhere on the network. The client does not have to be running on an Arduino. If there is WiFi in the building you could also connect both ends to that

Wire wise, you might be able to get by with cat3 four conductor telephone wire, just depending on the wiring of the sensor.

I think the Webserver idea is best suited. i want to display (in a remote location) the tank level, line pressure,flow data and additionally pump switching all in a Nextion display with display buttons(touch screen) for pump manual control. will this be feasible ? and what items i require


So the important thing is that the microcontroller - Arduino or ESP - must be located where the sensors are.

Then you consider the power supply. You need to provide 5 V, again, close to the microcontroller to avoid voltage sags and interference. Either you have a mains supply there, or if powering via a long cable, you provide a 5 V regulator directly adjacent.

Finally there is the data communication. Wired communication is considerably more reliable, but this application does not seem to be quite "mission critical" so wireless can be appropriate if there is no other reason (such as power) to require cabling. If you can get WiFi reception at the location, then that is simplest with a ESP.