Sensors without an LCD screen?

Hi im very new to arduino and I've bought a couple sensors that im hoping to connect with different coloured led lights to show when they are at the right levels or when they are needing attention (this is for a plant pot). Is this possible, or do these sensors only work through digital LCD screens.
The sensors are

Arduino Compatible Temperature and Humidity Sensor Module

Arduino Compatible Soil Moisture Sensor Module

Arduino Compatible Ultraviolet Sensor Module

That is matter of writing the right code.

Start by sending data to the Serial Monitor. If that works, then you can add other things.

Here's a RGB led that I made a few day ago (start the simulation and click on the three buttons):

Can you try another way to tell us which modules you have ?
The cheapest (resistive) soil moisture sensors work for a day or a week, don't use those.

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Sensors just provide information to your sketch. You can do whatever you like with the information, including lighting up LEDs. It is not necessary to use an LCD.

While developing your sketch it is often useful to send text out through the USB cable to be displayed on (Tools->)Serial Monitor. That will allow you to see the values being provided by your sensors and the results of your calculations on those values.

For each sensor, usually the first thing you want to do is write a small sketch that reads from the sensor and sends the values to Serial Monitor. That way you can get familiar with the sensor and be assured that it is wired correctly and working.

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The first thing I usually do is try to run some existing example code, even if it's crap. Then I know that my programming efforts aren't wasted on non-working hardware.

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Yes, it is possible but not so nice. Why without a display? There are small, nice and cheap SSD1306 OLED displays like these.

this is the moisture sensor ive got at the moment it was only $4
im assuming ill have to find a better quality version.

this one is the ultra violet sensor -

(It wont let me put more than two links in this comment sorry but the temp and humidity sensor is also from jaycar)
i was going to use some waterproofing seal around the sensors so the water cant leak through

It is a good idea but for my project im creating a kind of pet like pot plant that has a heart shaped light which glows in accordance to the plants needs. Purple for too much light, pink for not enough light etc so the user can see the 'emotions' of the plant, in a way :slight_smile:

i have a whole Arduino kit so i can probably just use the lcd screen with that thanks!

So that you can troubleshoot it more easily. Generally you can expect Serial to work on almost any setup, but displays require drivers and hardware connections that can get messed up.

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Yes, with LEDs instead of a display it would be better. I like your idea.

For working with SSD1306 is needed 2 wire for I2C, 2 wire for power and library. There is nothing complicated. In several cases is simpler than bunch of LEDs connection. Even debugging may be more convenient with it instead of the serial connection.

Okay have it your way. Until you run out of memory for the frame buffer some day. Or encounter a wiring error, or unknown conflict with other hardware, or many other unknown factors come in to play. The whole point of troubleshooting is to eliminate unknowns. That is what using Serial for debug does...

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