ser2net question: From serial to TCP/IP

Hi all. I have done the dd-wrt upgrade to my old WRT45G router and have gotten ser2net working already. I wrote a simple Java socket and was successfully send a string from my PC to the router's serial port via WiFi.

On the router side; however, I am stuck trying to verify if data that is sent to the serial port gets broadcasted out via WiFi signal. If you have done something like that before, could you please share your experience?

The last thing I tried was using netcat (nc for Windows) but as soon as I echo "data" > /dev/tts/1, my netcat quits. This only goes to show me that the router is indeed sending something out, but the receiving end still cannot verify what was sent.

In summary:

PC socket --> WiFi --> ser2net --> /dev/tts/1 : Checked! It is working correctly

/dev/tts/1 --> ser2net --> WiFi --> PC socket : How to test?

Thanks in advance!


Whats your ser2net.conf read.

You can use ether putty/minicom on a laptop connected to your wifi to read it.

Use connect bot for an android phone if have it set to telnet.

Regards netcat, I personally use socat(am using linux) to map a serial stream via a remote ser2net with an arduino uno connected.