Serial buffer overflow... Help needed!!!

Hello! Here's the problem: I'm building a radio stack and autopilot for Flight Simulator X via a software called "link2fs". This program send via serial port this string to my Arduino UNO


as you can see this string excedes the buffer lenght. Some posts suggested to modify HardwareSerial.cpp, I followed their instructions but no success for me. I tried with IDE 1.0.6, now I installed the new 1.6 but HardwareSerial.cpp is really different from before and I don't know where tu out the hands.

Any idea? I'm stucked here since 2 days ago, please heeeeeelp... :sob:

If you take the data from the buffer as it arrives there is no reason for the buffer to overflow. Data arrives in the buffer very slowly by Arduino standards.

Look at the examples in serial input basics


Robin2 is right. What baudrate is it ? So we can calculate how much time you have to read the data. Do you have delay() in your sketch ? During a delay() it is not possible empty the Serial buffer.

I think I read somewhere that is has been made easier to change the buffer size, perhaps even without changing the library. But I don't know exactly how it should be done. Probably something with "SERIAL_TX_BUFFER_SIZE" and "SERIAL_RX_BUFFER_SIZE".

Sorry, I'didn't had internet in these days...

This program seems to force be on a baud rate of 115200 bps

Have you looked at the examples in serial input basics and compared them to the way your own code is doing things?