Serial communication problems with GPS

Hey, I have been having trouble with getting my GPS mouse to communicate with my arduino. it outputs bluetooth serial at 4800 baud and wired ttl at 38400. it is the wired that i am using..

thing is the arduino that is running this sketch arduino gps is not accepting the data, even tho its set uip right, the correct baud rate, and the serial is working on both devices (tested with the IDE serial monitor).

I took data from the gps mouse on 38400 into the arduino ide serial monitor and it was coherant, i then took the 1st line of the gps packet and sent it to the arduino via serial on the same baud and it took it, giving me the 'aquiring fix' screen. But when connecting the gps mouse to the arduino directly i have been getting nothing, no response at all. just the min sketch screen..

i'm kinda baffled by as to why it works thru the pc but not direct.

im really in need of some help here..

thanks in advance.

Post your sketch please and tell us how you are connecting to the ardiuino and what type of arduino.

the sketch is the one linked in my 1st post, only difference is the baud rate is set to 38400 to match the gps.

its wired with the gnd to gnd, and the gps's tx to the rx of the board, the board is RBBB and also tried with a boarduino.