Serial Terminal show Binary

Data transmission speed is my concern here.

I use Serial.write() to send 8 bits of data from Arduino Uno R3 to a computer.

I want the Serial Terminal to show the data in binary, or decimal, but not ASCII.

I understand that I could use Serial.print(,BIN) to do so, but as said, data transmission speed is my concern here. Using Serial.print(), I would have sent more than 8 bits (longer time) to represent 8 bits.

Appreciate if you can tell me how to do this.


To be more detail,

let say I have
int data = 11320 (in decimal)

I would use Serial.write(data>> 8 ) and Serial.write((data<< 8 )>> 8 ) to send that data ā† send 16 bits

instead of Serial.print(data,BIN) ā† send 8 bits/digit * 5 digits = 40 bits (if Iā€™m not wrong)

If I have understood correctly then you need something other than Serial terminal that reads the value and displays it in binary notation as your already sending the data from your arduino in the most simple/compact method. What baud rate are you using? If it's the de-facto 9600 then speeding this up to 115200 will speed up serial throughput and maybe allow the Arduino to send in binary notation ASCII

Hi Riva,

I have also tried other Serial Terminal to have baud rate far more than 115200, but still not fast enough for my purpose.

It would be great if you know any Serial Terminal which could show binary format instead of ASCII.


RealTerm can do that.

Hi guix,

Thanks! It works, but the maximum baud rate is just 921600. I am thinking of something baud rate >= 2000000 (parallax serial terminal), and can print binary, hex or decimal.

Appreciate if you know any other serial terminal which can do this.

Thanks again :)

You can write any number you want, the dropdown menu is just to show commonly used baud speeds.

I'm not sure if the Arduino will transmit correctly at that speed :P

Hi guix,

I am limited by the baud rate drop down menu in RealTerm. I want to increase the baud rate. Do you know how to set other baud rate higher than the one listed in dropdown menu?


owh! ok, I can type at the baud rate column! Didn't know that. Thanks.. will see if it works :) Thanks!