Servo controlled over wifi outside network

Hello all,

I have an old house in the mountains using baseboard heaters that are individually controlled with knobs. So i want to create a setup where that knob can be turned via a servo. I want to do this through wifi and while i'm not at home. From the research i've done it looks like i can use an EPS8266 module with an UNO R3 to get it connected wirelessly and can somehow use the app Blynk. I've seen a couple projects (such as the one below) that have a similar concept so I think I can do the wiring.

My question is, am i doing this in the right way? Is there a better, easier, or more streamlined way of doing this?

I have never touched an arduino or any other controller before so this is all new to me.

Thank you for your help all!

If you want to access the servo web page from the Internet you will have set up Port Forwarding on your router to allow access to your Arduino from the Internet. Be warned that this also means that anyone in the world that stumbles across that web page will be able to control your servos.