Servotimer2 library compilation error

Hi, i just installed the Servotimer2.h library and i tried using the example code i just compiled the code( without changing anything in the example code) but still i am getting an error which is something like this:

In file included from ServoTimer2.pde:10:0: error: conflicting declaration 'typedef bool boolean' typedef bool boolean;

In file included from ServoTimer2.pde:3:0: error:'boolean' has a previous declaration as 'typedef uint8_t boolean' typedef uint8_t boolean;

please help

The fact that ServoTimer2 is using the .pde extension indicates it has not been updated for years. In that time the type "boolean" was defined. Perhaps removing the redundant declaration from line 10 of ServoTimer2.pde will fix the problem.

Thank you for the help but can you xplain how should i declare if i remove the present declaration. like i want to control 2 servos and here is the part of the example code:

#include <ServoTimer2.h>
#define rollPin 2
#define pitchPin 3
#define yawPin 4

ServoTimer2 servoRoll;
ServoTimer2 servoPitch;
ServoTimer2 servoYaw;

void setup() {

Very strange. It complains about:

typedef uint8_t boolean;

because 'boolean' is already declared in Arduino.h:

typedef bool boolean;

But if you comment out the declaration in ServoTimer2.h:

// typedef uint8_t boolean;

it then complains that 'boolean' is NOT A DEFINED TYPE!

The way I found to work around the problem is to comment out the declaration in ServoTimer2.h (as above) and then change the two lines in ServoTimer2.h that say:

    boolean attached(); //...

to be:

    bool attached(); //...

Thank you sir.It Works awesme.