set speed of servos using arduino Uno

I have an arduino Uno and have two servos hooked to it. I am a beginner at this so I purchased two inexpensive servos to play with. The servos speeds are 0.15sec. @ 60^ and 0.1 sec. @ 60^ I want to slow these servos down, I contacted HI-TECH about using different servos with slower speeds and they replied that I could slow them down by using my code and the Uno. Can you explain to me how I can do this. Also I was looking at the arduino library and it had an illustration using a potentiometer but it said it was using it to position the servo not changing the speed. I am trying to attach a Pan/Tilt (2) servo kit to a robot head to make it look up/down and side to side. That is what I am trying to accomplish. The servos move too fast for this. Larry.

You need to use blink without delay technique. Move the servo a little, let some time pass, move a little, let some time pass. It may seem like it would be jerky, but the mechanical mass of the servo smooths it out in the end.

What you need is demonstrated in Several Things at a Time


The servo "sweep" example in the IDE examples demonstrates moving the servo a little at a time with a time delay in between the movements to overall have the servo to move slower. What do you plan to use as the control interface, pot, switch, etc.?