siemens c62

Good afternoon, I have a project to send messages with arduino, but the mobile phone siemens c45 died. I bought a siemens c62 ..

Now I did some tests with the hyperterminal with arduino but without the atmega inserted and can run several commands such as atd12045 read and send messages.

Happens that when connected with ATMEGA328 can send commands to it, but when I read a message appears in hyperterminal: Te% Õ? * Ÿ? Having ¥% ¥? Ê. But it must seem 6697DB6F7B990D ....

Have told me it could be baud rate, tried changing but always gives error. AT + IPR =? result error AT + IPR = error result 9600 Error result AT & W at + baud5 result error

grateful for your help.