Slotcarduino, restarting an abandoned project.

My main project right now is using an Arduino to control lap timing and other features on my slot car track. I saw other examples people have done, and found one that works well controlling a single lane. Digging a little deeper I found this project slotcarduino, and glancing over the code it looks like it has a lot of really cool features.

Slotcarduino Project Page

So on the project page it doesn’t have any official downloads, just the source code and it looks like this project hasn’t been active in a few years and has no developers. Here are the steps I’ve taken so far:

Each .cpp and .h source file I opened in notepad and pasted each under it’s own tab with it’s respective name and file type. I attached a copy of the error the Arduino IDE threw me. There were also a .cproject, .project, and a settings folder included. I wasn’t sure if maybe it was developed in another IDE that might not be completely compatible with the Arduino IDE. Other than that, I’m not sure if the best approach would just be trial and error, uncommenting stuff until it successfully compiles… It’s hard to know whether there is an error in the files, or I’m just not doing something correctly.

Ever since I built my first RepRap about 4 years ago, I had to learn Arduino by default and fell in love with programming in the process. I’d love to help bring this project back to life and get some good programming experience to put on my resume. So if any of you can help point me in the right direction, I would greatly appreciate it!

slotcarduino_compile_error.txt (8.94 KB)

What program did you compile that produced the errors ?

I opened a new sketch, pasted the Slottimer.cpp file as the main code. Then I went through and added the additional tabs (slottimer.h, GraphicLCD.h, Button.h, Player.h, and SoftwareSerial.h) after I did that then I hit the compile button in the main Arduino IDE.


So right now I'm researching how Ardunino libraries work a little bit better. Do the individual libraries need to be actually installed in the Arduino IDE or can they be called on demand from .h files in a different tab?

Arduino libraries that are to be used with many programs are normally installed in the libraries folder of the folder where your programs are saved. The library folder name must match that of the .h file for the library.
Such libraries can be used in a program by using Sketch/import Library from the IDE menu and a line such as

#include <EEPROM.h>

will be added to the program. The line can also be typed in if you want. If a new library is installed then the IDE must be stopped and started in order for it to be made available.

Library files to be used in the current program can be put in the same folder as the main program file and will show up as extra tabs in the IDE. The syntax for including them is a little different.

#include "libraryfile.h"