[SM130 + Evaluation Board compatibility with Wireless SD shield]


anyone knows or can help me discovering if it's possible to set both of this shield in way to work both of them. The Wireless SD Shield i just want the SD.


Pedro Cabral

Hi Pedro

Post links to the shields you are talking about. Read the "how to use this forum" post to find out how to post links properly.

Also please explain how your project is related to leds or multiplexing.

Hello again,

I posted here just because of " Controlling lots of inputs and outputs ".

Schematic of evaluation board, as we can see they change(Digital) 4 to 3.

And this shield uses 4 to communicate with SD.

How can I set both of them and work properly? Right now the setup is in a loop, showing all times the message on serial "START".

Pedro Cabral

So, they are both shields. They will either work together or they won't. That's the disadvantage of shields. They are easy to connect to an Arduino and get working, each by themselves. But combining them is pot luck. You can't expect the designer of a shield to make them compatible with any other shield in the world. Sorry I can't be much help. All I can say is that the Ethernet shield uses the SPI bus and the RFID shield uses the i2c bus, so there's a reasonable chance they will not interfere with each other.