SoftwareSerial Library on MKRWAN1300

I am using the MKRWAN 1300 card for our project. I used the UART peripheral for one sensor and I need another serial interface for another sensor. I wanted to use a SoftwareSerial inerface, but it seems that the available libraries are not compatible with the MKR card. Can you suggest me a library compatible with the MKR HW?

Thank you all


Are you using all of the hardware UARTS of the board ?

Hi @Giord_Ardui

The SAMD21 microcontroller used on the Arduino MKR series doesn't have a SoftwareSerial library, since it contains a number of spare internal SERCOM (Serial Communication) modules that can be configured as additional Serial, SPI or I2C ports.

Adafruit have an excellent tutorial on configuring the SAMD21 with additional Serial ports:

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MartinL, thank you very much!
I will try to configure a SERCOM using the SPI port.
It was very useful the suggested tutorial!


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