[Solved] Ethernet Shield 2 SD Card - doesn't work unless removed and re-inserted


I am using an Arduino Mega 2560 Rev3 board with an Ethernet Shield 2.

I am learning how to use the SD card module and I am running into an issue while running the CardInfo example: after uploading, the Arduino fails to access the card unless I remove it, re-insert it and then reset the Arduino.

Removing and inserting the card needs to be repeated everytime I power the Arduino board back on.

This is an issue, since my project will leave the board itself inaccessible, and I won't be able to access the card everytime I power the board back on.

Is there any modification to the code that I can perform in order to fix this issue?

Thank you.

Edit: Having gotten no replies on this topic, I made a new one in "Installation and Troubleshooting", hoping for a faster answer (I need to get this working for my job).

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So, I got my hands on a different micro SD card, which has less storage, but the same FAT 32 file system and the problem was gone.

I doesn't make much sense that one card works every time, while the other demands that I remove and re-insert it, but at least I now know that it's the card's problem.