[Solved]NINA-B306 Exposed Antenna Ground Pins Missing in Eagle files

Hi, I downloaded the Nano 33 BLE design Eagle files from Arduino Nano 33 BLE. I found that there should be four exposed antenna ground pins with dotted outlines underneath the antenna area (please see Fig1) should be connected to GND for NINA-B306. However, in the designed Eagle files with the PCB board shown in Fig2, I did not find those four pads. It is blank in the antenna area on the PCB board. Could someone help explain why these four pads are missing in the designed PCB board?
Thank you so much in advance.

Hi, I think my question has been solved. I have a broken Nano 33 BLE board and remove the NINA-B306 chip. After the check, I confirm these four grey pads are all connected to the other GND pads on this chip. Additionally, the Nano 33 BLE board has no GND pads underneath the antenna area. Please see the previous attached figure (1.jpg).