[Solved] Serial Monitor vs analog input

Can a serial monitor follow the data that is coming in through a analoge read and plot it?

The analog signal is 16bit with a sample_rate of 44100Hrz

Yes. Yes. Yes.

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Serial plotter

Six time yes, We can do it.

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That, to me, makes no sense. An analog signals has no bits. Or are you sampling the signal at 44100Hz with a 16 bit ADC?

No I am reading a signal with analogread(pin) for a dac

You are converting the analog signal to digital in order to turn it back into an analog signal? Why bother?

Why use handicapped ADC in form of Arduino board instead of dedicated ADC chip?

Because I can. :laughing: I 'm comming far further than that. I recieved a package over bluetooth. I output it to decoder board that samples in function of time. And now i want to debug it and be sertain that I plot the values with not much delay.

It doesn't matter if it is comming from bluetooth or a mic. I had that problem before with the mic.

This isn't making much sense.

how would you do it?

I use the external dac to get a signal that is corresponding with time, if you know what I trie to say.

Do you want to send every sample over the serial line? This means at least 2 bytes every 22,67µs. And you don't have any sync mechanism what is high and low byte - what needs additional data. So you need a very high baudrate ( 2Mbaud is the maximum with serial monitor, what means about 5µs per byte ) and you need an Arduino that can come up with this rate - additional to your 'regular' tasks.

That is the answer I was looking for. How do you get the 22.67µs?

A sample rate of 44100Hz creates a sample every 22.67µs ( 1/44100).

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