[SOLVED] u8g2 fonts with special characters doesn't work

Hi to all,

That's, primarily, a question for Olikraus but, maybe, someone can help me.

I need to use a font with special characters, eg, "á", "é", "í", "ó", "ú" and even "º" and "ª".

I have made my own font of 5x7 with "Fony" and "bdfconv" but instead of the previous special characters a blank appears.

Seen the above, I used a font of u8g2lib, "u8g2_font_5x7_tf" but, instead of "á é í ó ú" appear "Ai A? A- A' Aº" (? Is an unrecognizable character).

I guess there must be some trick to tell u8g2 it should try extended ASCII characters but I failed to find it but another thing that I have observed is that the font of u8g2 I believe that it does not follow the extended ASCII standard, in short, I am lost.

Any suggestion?. Thanks a lot a Happy New Year!.

instead of "á é í ó ú" appear "Ai A? A- A' Aº"

Your "á é í ó ú" is in UTF-8 encoding.
Try drawUTF8().

Thanks, oqibidipo, that was the answer!!!.

@oqibidipo: Glad to see some other u8g2 experts here :slight_smile:


other u8g2 experts

Nah, just someone who can RTFM. :slight_smile: