Sparkfun CAN Shield - receiving 29-bit identifiers


Currently I’m setting up an application for CAN communication based on 29-bits identifiers using an Arduino Uno and the Sparkfun CAN shield:

Sending 29-bit CAN messages is working without any problems by setting a “extended” flag. Receiving 29-bit CAN messages is not working.

#include <SPI.h>
#include <CAN.h>

unsigned long last;
unsigned long now;

CanMessage sendMessage;
CanMessage receiveMessage;

void setup()

void loop()
/* Send a new value every second */
now = millis();
if (now > last + 1000) {
last = now;
sendMessage.clear (); = 0x666;
sendMessage.extended = 1;
sendMessage.setIntData ([3]);
sendMessage.send ();

/* Receive data if available */
if (CAN.available()) {
receiveMessage = CAN.getMessage ();

Somebody knows why I cannot receive 29-bit CAN messages?
Attached the libraries I’m using.

Thanks (12.8 KB)