SPI bus of UNO and MEGA

Hi! I'm connecting two Arduino microcontrollers (UNO and MEGA) with NRF24L01 modules. For this I need the SPI pins. my problem is that I want to plug an RFID card into the Arduino MEGA but I am using the SPI pins for the NRF... are there other pins that I can use? Thank you!

The SPI pins are available on the normal pins and the ICSP header and you can connect SPI devices to both of them at the same time and use a separate Slave Select pin for each device

You could, of course, also use a breadboard to share the SPI pins

The SPI bus is a bus. Many devices can share the bus. All devices share the SCK, MOSI and MISO pins. Each device has its own chip or slave select pin (CS or SS).

See here also for the Sparkfun SPI page.

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